Tolkien in Asia

Volume 2 Issue 2

February 2024

Special Feature

“Remembering Akiko Tanaka” by Zhujun Wu


“None Owns the Air” by Ken Liu

“Quicken, the Chase, the Deer” by Silvia Park

“IF YOU ASK ME, I SHALL COME” by Ploi Pirapokin


“Editorial 2.2” by Amanda Weiss

“Tolkien in China” by Jialuo Yu

“Interview with Ken Liu” by Amanda Weiss

“Interview with Ploi Pirapokin” by Amanda Weiss

Rhûn is the Elvish word for ‘east’. Asia, China, Japan, and all things which people in the west regard as far away.

J.R.R. Tolkien, “An Interview with Tolkien”