Volume 1 Issue 2: Japan x Future

Our second issue explores science fiction as cultural flow by focusing on literary flows between Japan and the United States. Masahiko Inoue creatively re-imagines a cherished 1995 meeting with Ray Bradbury; Edogawa Ranpo channels Edgar Allan Poe; Eugie Foster, dm armstrong, and James C. Opperman envision Japanese SFF tropes in new ways. Issue 1.2 also features three new translations, our first novella, an analysis of the intersections between kaiju and kami, and a pen pal exchange between the canonical works of Japanese and American cyberpunk.


HIVEMIND: Global Speculative Fiction is a Georgia Tech student and faculty-run digital magazine of global speculative fiction. We publish science fiction and fantasy—broadly defined— on the themes of language, culture, and communication.

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