Japan x Future

Volume 1 Issue 2

October 2021


The Vocationologist” by Issui Ogawa, translated by Camden Hine

But First, a Toast” by Masahiko Inoue, translated by Rebecca Seippel

The Tears of My Mother, the Shell of My Father” by Eugie Foster

Fingers” by Edogawa Ranpo, translated by Yeu-Ann Huang and illustrated by Emerson Barrett

Even the Coldest Ice Must Thaw” by James C. Opperman

Aneutronic Love Song for the New Century” by dm armstrong


Editorial 1.2” by Amanda Weiss

Kaijū x Kami: The Origins of Japanese Monster Films” by Sofi Sanders

Interview with Masahiko Inoue” by Rebecca Seippel

Pen Pals of Japanese Cyberpunk” by Will Slater

“I did not dwell overmuch upon destiny, living among the priests in Oda, sweeping the steps of the jinja shrine, and meditating at the seashore. Until the morning the Heikegani crab with the face of a samurai etched in its sepia armor came ashore and spoke to me.”

Eugie Foster, “Tears of my Mother, Shell of my Father”